Episode 57 | "StepZaddy"

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(02:57) - Richard Sherman arrested

(15:31) - Dwayne Haskins allegedly gets tooth knocked out by girlfriend

(25:37) - Lil Durk & India in a shootout to protect home against invaders

(28:18) - Woman says she isn’t comfortable with her BFs son coming to live with them

(36:13) - Woman says black women are stuck with black men because no other races want them

Quick Hits

(58:50) - What does a wife role look like in 2021?

(01:14:17) - Do women with kids try and push the stepdad title on men too early?

Advice Column

(01:23:11) - Man makes 3 times more money than his woman and wants her to go 50/50 on expenses

(01:34:36) - Should a woman let her man know every time she is approached by a man?

(01:38:00) - Woman wants to put me in the friendzone, should I stick around?

(01:41:54) - If a man is unhappy in a relationship, why not break up with her instead of pushing HER to?

(01:53:00) - This guy is nice but he seems like a lame, should I give him a chance?

(01:59:09) - Advice on how a woman should move in a male-dominated field?

(02:02:52) - Advice on how to handle a breakup? What do men bring to the table?

Songs of the Week:
"Lick Back" x EST Gee (https://music.apple.com/us/album/lick-back/1562738795?i=1562739101)
"About Me" x Alia Fleury (https://music.apple.com/us/album/about-me/1576281194?i=1576281338)
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