Episode 60 | "The Table"

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(03:54) - Dr. Dre’s daughter is homeless

(17:30) - Kelly Clarkson ordered to pay $200k a month in spousal and child support

(20:38) - Meg vs DaBaby

(30:14) - Da Baby angers the LGBTQ+ community

(38:40) - Dipset vs The Lox Verzuz

(44:18) - What do women bring to the table?!

Quick Hits

(59:04) - Are boys raised with zero responsibility

(01:14:18) - Let’s normalize men walking out of their kids life if they’re not ready

Advice Column

(01:22:23) - With good black men being in short supply, why do women feel we should compete for them?

(01:34:54) - How does the KREW feel about “pick me’s” ??

(01:40:38) - I got finessed but a woman for 4 years, what steps should I take to rebound from it?

(01:54:25) - What’s some pros and cons of moving to Texas?

(01:57:23) - I picked the wrong sister… HELP!

(01:59:49) - Can incredible vagina scare a man away?

Songs of the Week:

“Bad Intentions” x Dee Gatti (https://music.apple.com/us/album/bad-intentions/1571540715?i=1571540718)

“FWM” x Tone Stith (https://music.apple.com/us/album/fwm/1570323972?i=1570323981)
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