Episode 64 | "Integrity"

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The fellas return for the 64th installment to touch on the following:
(07:08) - Saweetie & Quavo back creeping

(09:10) - Dell Curry & Sonya Curry file for divorce after 33 years

(13:56) - Kanye vs Drake

(17:15) - JR Smith goes back to college

(18:35) - Woman swings on child that allegedly jumped her son

(22:28) - #CrateChallenge

(26:04) - Onlyfans reversed ban on sexually explicit content

(30:28) - Judge increased Tory Lanez bail after violating restraining order

Quick Hits

(34:06) - Can you reach the top and maintain integrity at the same time?

(44:01) - Why are so many bad women single?

(49:32) - I got cheated on by my husband who slept with my sisters and cousin, now we’re back together

Advice Column

(53:55) - I enrolled in college, what are some tips on being in college? What are some tips for loans and FAFSA?

(01:09:05) - Do you guys hold your friends accountable for cheating? Not taking care of their kids

(01:12:55) - Listener thanks us for the impact of the pod

(01:14:54) - How do men fix ramifications of sexual abuse they experienced as kids?

(01:26:04) - As influencers do you have to be careful how you move dating?

(01:33:04) - Have you misgendered someone before?

(01:37:50) - Who were y’all jammin in early 2000s?

(01:45:23) - Is a married woman considered independent?
Songs of the Week:
"Promises" x Cleo Sol (https://music.apple.com/us/album/promises/1580896128?i=1580896132)
"Ginger" x Wizkid x Burna Boy (https://music.apple.com/us/album/ginger-feat-burna-boy/1531532301?i=1531532312)
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