Episode 66 | "Truck Decor"

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The fellas return in full force this week and get right to work:
Quick Hits

(06:06) - How do you deal with jealous friends?

(19:03) - What are you inspired by?

(24:57) - Everything else was perfect but he couldn’t pay for the dinner

(36:04) - I finessed my boyfriend into paying ME rent

Advice Column

(42:01) - How do you guys feel about the speedy approval of the Phizer vaccine?

(52:00) - My neighbor is a MILF, how should I go about sniping?

(55:30) - Should I spin the block on my ex? Do young men chase love?

(01:04:55) - Is Drake the 🐐?

(01:14:06) - How do I detach myself mentally from my neighborhood?

(01:17:40) - How do I get my partner to love me in MY love language?

(01:26:29) - Listener submits song for review

(01:33:03) - How can a woman show a man that she appreciates him?

(01:37:15) - Lending money to family and friends

(01:43:37) - My brother and law is trash but my sister won’t leave him

Song of the Week:

“Sho Nuff” x Leon Bridges (https://music.apple.com/us/album/sho-nuff/1565612362?i=1565612864)

“No Phony Love” x Nas x Charlie Wilson (https://music.apple.com/us/album/no-phony-love-feat-charlie-wilson/1578569385?i=1578570308)
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