Episode 72 | "Click Bait"

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The fellas are back together for the 72nd installment to touch on:
A Block

(03:36) - Battle of the Sexes Review

(05:24) - Jada Pinkett-Smith says it’s hard to maintain sex life with Will Smith!

(22:34) - Woman says she doesn’t date men with kids even tho she has 5

(39:13) - Parents abandon kids in house with no utilities or food to fend for themselves

(50:25) - Fetty Wap/EST GEE’s entourage charged with drugs and weapons by FBI

(01:01:43) - Alpo Martinez killed in drive-by on a Harlem street corner

Quick Hits

(01:04:35)- Why black people don’t work together to change our economic situation?

(01:20:20) - Average women don’t want to date average men

Advice Column

(01:32:07) - I’m working through past trauma, how much support should my man be giving me?

(01:43:12) - How to go about researching information on crypto/tech/etc?

(01:49:12) - Should I marry my man before moving in with him?

(02:05:15) - How to handle your child getting bullied?

(02:09:22) - J Jones showing love to the pod

(02:10:24) - How to overcome perfectionism?

Songs of the Week:

“Dearly Beloved” x Wale (https://music.apple.com/us/album/dearly-beloved-feat-jamie-foxx/1591308862?i=1591309173)

“Loyal To A Fault” x Big Sean x Bryson Tiller (https://music.apple.com/us/album/loyal-to-a-fault-feat-bryson-tiller-lil-durk/1591607781?i=1591607787)
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