Episode 73 | "Redshirt"

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The fellas return for the 73rd installment to unpack a few topics including:
A Block

(05:16) - Brittany Renner responds to claims she’s a side chick and she trapped PJ Washington

(26:19) - Kanye West interview

(41:22) - Travis Scott Festival

Quick Hits

(58:00)- If you could go back to 20 years old, what would you do differently?

(01:03:09) - What the role of a woman should be today/Are relationships a distraction from your career goals?

Advice Column

(01:18:08) - Has the definition of respect shifted in this era regarding men?

(01:34:14) - I don’t want to get married or have kids and she does, am I tripping?

(01:43:13) - Thoughts on virginity?

(02:02:05) - Should I feel bad for distancing myself from certain friends? Is that frauding?

Songs of the Week:

“Unloyal” x Summer Walker x Ari Lennox (https://music.apple.com/us/album/unloyal/1590029262?i=1590029947)

“No Love” x Summer Walker x SZA (https://music.apple.com/us/album/no-love/1590029262?i=1590029546)
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