Episode 74 | "Pros & Cons"

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A Block

(07:55) - If your child brought someone of another race home, would you be disappointed?

Quick Hits

(21:44) - What’s one thing a woman can do (without saying cheating) inside the relationship to make you check out?

(33:03) - Are men or women more emotional?

(41:37) - Are too many unqualified people giving advice in the manosphere?

Advice Column

(52:45) - Who has to take the most accountability for broken homes in the culture?

(01:04:44) - How do you know when you can grow with someone? Should I spin the block?

(01:13:29) - How can I meet a few like-minded men to build a solid friendship circle?

(01:20:13) - Broke up with my ex because she didn’t want to please me sexually

(01:27:10) - My bridesmaids aren’t supporting me the way they should be

(01:35:26) - Why men don’t make time for their woman but make time for their friends!

(01:43:52) - We hooked up young and the relationship failed after 8 years. I gave him another shot and he still hasn’t changed.

Songs of the Week:

“Smokin Out The Window” x Silk Sonic (https://music.apple.com/us/album/smokin-out-the-window/1589361543?i=1589361900)

“Swangin on Westheimer” x Don Toliver (https://music.apple.com/us/album/swangin-on-westheimer/1587804188?i=1587804197)
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