Episode 76 | "Crack Behavior"

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On vacation in Dallas, the boys took a break to kick it with the listeners to unpack a few things:
A Block

(06:34) - Brittany Renner says she’s been homeless and struggling since breakup

(11:15) - Deion Sanders brings Brittany Renner to talk to his team

(21:49) - Man leaves 5 year marriage because he’s “bored”

(29:14) - Is there pressure on men to choose society’s definition of a “good women”

Quick Hits

(43:17) - What defense mechanisms kept you safe in the past, that you need to let go today?

(53:23) - Where’s the line between things worth addressing with your significant other & things you let go?

Advice Column

(01:04:50) - How to save money while you’re younger

(01:10:30) - Ali checks in with the Krew

(01:16:08) - Thoughts on the movie “King Richard”

(01:20:58) - How to make sure you catch the livestreams

(01:21:48) - My friend says I’m obligated to tell my exes I’m engaged now

(01:26:56) - My ex was using drugs and I plan on locking him out.. Am I wrong?

Songs of the Week:

“Floating” x Mannywellz x Vanjess (https://music.apple.com/us/album/floating/1523047357?i=1523047365)

“Fan” x EST Gee (https://music.apple.com/us/album/fan/1596837941?i=1596837950)
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