Episode 77 | "A Pound Of A$$"

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The boys return in full form to breakdown the following:
A Block

(06:38) - Slim400 passes away

(11:04) - Drake & Kanye have a joint concert on Amazon

(21:25) - Fresh & Fit sends our copyright infringement threats to people dissing them

Quick Hits

(37:20) - Do men cheat more out of insecurity or something that the woman did?

(49:18) - Why are men so hesitant to date women with kids?

Advice Column

(01:10:10) - Why do men try to persuade women to do things after they’ve said no?

(01:14:13) - How do you tell a man that the sex is bad?

(01:19:48) - How to bounce back from being curved? What are some subtle ways to let a man know you’re interested?

(01:28:15) - How to get your partner to improve on the “20%” they’re not giving you?

Songs of the Week:

“Toxic” x Summer Walker x Lil Durk (https://music.apple.com/us/album/toxic-feat-lil-durk/1590029262?i=1590029952)

“Imperial High” x Rick Ross (https://music.apple.com/us/album/imperial-high/1597999613?i=1597999992)
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