Episode 78 | "Job Description"

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The fellas return for the 78th installment to breakdown:

A Block

(04:20) - April Mason speaks on remaining feminine at all times

(33:31) - Is revenge cheating wrong?

(40:51) - Deion gets #1 player in the nation to commit to HBCU

(50:21) - Russell Westbrook on the trading block already

(58:58) - Ross new album review + other releases

(01:04:15) - Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones get in fight in Miami

Quick Hits

(01:05:15) - Broke man wants me to send him $40 for our date last night

Advice Column

(01:20:24) - Review of “Think Like A Man Movie”

(01:22:47) - Do women not prioritize sex as much as men because they don’t orgasm as much? What’s the difference between a hoe and a slut?

(01:37:45) - What’s your style of disciplining kids? Is it necessary to hit them?

(01:50:08) - What’s the difference between a good man and a great man?

(02:10:07) - Is “this is how I’ve always been” a valid rebuttal after being in a relationship for a while?

Songs of the Week:

“Breakfast” x Fana Hues

“U And I” x BeMyFiasco
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