Episode 80 | "Outta Your League"

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Smuv returns and the fellas put on a show in the 80th installment, discussing:
A Block

(05:25) - Fresh and Fit bash black women

(23:19) - Low sex drive solutions

(38:30) - Antonio Brown gives reason for walking off the field

Quick Hits

(55:20) - “Date within your value”

(01:04:33) - Do men take constructive criticism well?

(01:09:20) - Should nudes be deleted after a breakup?

Advice Column

(01:12:45) - Older guy is trying to move too fast, I’m uncomfortable

(01:22:18) - As women make more money, will relationships get worse?

(01:40:20) - My man feels sexually insecure so he’s distancing himself

(01:47:50) - How important is religion/spirituality in a relationship?

(01:55:38) - Kim writes in with further context for last week’s question

(01:59:06) - Brandon writes in to show love

(01:59:40) - What old school car would each member buy? Who gone win MVP in the NFL? Should Jake Paul fight a pro boxer in his weight class?

Songs of the Week:

“Pink Dolphin” x Tory Lanez

“Welcome Back, Dummy” x Yung Bleu
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