How to Overcome Addiction - Tony Litster Exclusive Interview

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Did you know that as an entrepreneur, your ability to visualize a brilliant future or vision for your company, can make you more susceptible to addiction? Tony Litster, Self Made Multi-Millionaire and Success Coach, shares incredible insight into the lifestyle of addiction and teaches you how recognize it your life and more importantly how to address it and manage it so you can continue to grow and succeed in your life! This is a must listen for you or anyone you know that is struggling with addiction or simply needs to better understand why they may not be advancing in their life like they want, it might be a sign of addiction. If you would like to learn how to attract lazer, targeted leads for your business, grow your list, explode your brand global, and reach an affluent market, head over to to learn more about the persuasive power of podcasting for your business! I like to call it the 3 P's!

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