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How would you like to learn how to read 10x faster and retain and comprehend nearly everything you read? How much more productive would you be, how much more fun would you have learning, how much more income could you create from the knowledge you retain? These are exactly the questions that Howard Berg, The World's Fasted Reader can truly answer for you and help you to achieve in your life! This exclusive interview with the Guinness Book of World Records FASTED Reader, Howard Berg will share key insights for you to implement immediately in your life to help you read and retain information faster and Longer than you ever have before. Listen now to this exclusive interview that can help you in your entrepreneurial journey to ultimate success! If you would like to learn how to attract lazer, targeted leads for your business, make more sales, and have more fun marketing your business through social media head over to to learn more about the persuasive power of podcasting for your business! I like to call it the 3 P's!

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