Kubernetes v1.26 Electrifying, with Leonard Pahlke

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Leonard Pahlke is not only the Release Lead for Kubernetes v1.26, he's also a co-chair of the CNCF TAG for Environmental Sustainability and a student working toward a Master's Degree in Computer Science at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. In this episode, Leonard talks with us about Open Source contribution, environmental sustainability, and Kubernetes v1.26.

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Chatter of the week

The 1.23 Release team (where Kaslin was a comms shadow)

Shoutout to Kunal Kushwaha, another Kubernetes contributor who started out as a student, and who advocates for students in the community via his YouTube channel & more.

KubeCon EU 2023 (which will have a student track as part of the schedule)

KubeCon Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships

News of the week

Kubernetes Removals, Deprecations, and Major Changes in 1.26

AWS ReInvent 2022

AWS YouTube Channel

Control Plane Logs added for GKE

Gateway Controller for Single Clusters reaches GA for GKE

Prometheus Turns 10

Prometheus Training

Prometheus Documentary by HoneyPot

Move to registry.k8s.io

Leak Signal Micro-waf

CNCF Maintainer Track changes

Links from the interview

Leonard Pahlke’s Blog

Leonard Pahlke blog about contribution: Start Contributing to Open Source Projects

Leonard Pahlke CNCF WG Environmental Sustainablity Blog Post

TAG Environmental Sustainability GitHub

Specific 1.26 changes mentioned:

Kubernetes Enhancement Proposals (KEPs)

Kubernetes v1.26 Electrifying Release Blog

Links from the post-interview chat

List of Kubernetes SIGs

Kubernetes Release Team Shadow program

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