Head Lice - Scratching Beneath the Surface

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Head lice, or Pediculosis capitis, is a common condition caused by infestation of the scalp with head lice. While some people can have lice infestations with no symptoms, for most, the tell-tale sign is itching. Itching can affect the scalp, neck, and ears, and is caused by an allergic reaction to the louse saliva, which is injected under the skin as the louse feeds. Detecting lice is simple - it’s done by examining the scalp to check for the sesame-seed-sized insects in motion. A female louse lives about 30 days, during which she can lay hundreds of eggs. The eggs are called nits and they hatch after eight days. Combing the hair with a very fine-toothed metal comb can confirm the problem and also help remove lice and nits.

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