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Kasey Mock, has served as the Director of KW Land at Keller Williams Realty International since its inception in 2014, leading the company from startup to now being one of the fastest-growing, nationally recognized brands in the country. He owns the Mock Ranches Group, is a co-founder of the Land Broker CO-OP, and the Host of the Land Broker Insider Podcast.

In 2018 Kasey was named the National Land Broker of the Year for Recreational Land by The Land Report and in 2017 he received the National Rising Star Award from the Realtors Land Institute. Kasey holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Services and Development from Tarleton State University. He lives in Driftwood, TX with his wife, Elizabeth, and their two children, Maddox and Caroline.

1) What is one thing you wish you knew when buying your first land?

2) What steps did you take when you were planning to buy your first home on acreage?

3) When buying animals, what is the one thing landowners need to consider?
Featured Guest
Kasey Mock - kasey.mock@kw.com
Keller Williams Land Divisions - www.KWLand.com
Interviewed by
Angeliina Lawson, AHWD
RLI Land Realtor
Licensed Kansas & Missouri
Keller Williams Key Partners
4200 Somerset Dr Ste 101
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Office: 913-825-7500

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