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Welcome to another episode of Last Save Loaded with Colm and Justin. Things are beginning to return to normal here, and that usually means a bit of grumpiness between the hosts...
On the show this week, Justin returns to streaming God Of War.
Colm has been doing housework.
Justin has been breaking games causing it to produce flying cars.
Colm has been streaming plenty too.
We discuss our 2020 Playstation stats.
Things we've been playing include Far cry New Dawn, Dark Souls, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Path Of Exile, Ori And The Blind Forest, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Brave : The Video Game, Resident Evil 6, Cities Skylines, Divinity Original Sin 2, God Of War, and Blood Bowl.
Justin's scheduled tweet seemed to get a few more of you replying, so please let us know if you preferred the no-nonsense question, the timing, or just wanted to get in touch? All are welcome responses. You can get in touch via email to lastsaveloaded@gmail.com, or by tweeting @lastsaveloaded, @Solm67, or @Onyersix.
You can also follow us on twitch.tv/solm67 and twitch.tv/onyersix.

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