Episode 7: LSL - Episode 3.7

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Greetings one and all. Colm and Justin are here to talk about video games, and we've got quite the list for you this time week.
On the show this week, Justin visits the zoo and gets treated to a performance he was not expecting!
Colm has been taking exams.
Justin has spent his Curry's voucher, and plans to be nefarious.
Colm has been building cots.
Justin has been relearning OBS to help his partner with a charity stream.
Justin and Colm have had varying success playing online together as well.
Games we've been playing include Ace Combat 7, Untitled Goose Game, Death Squared, Yakuza Kiwami, Wreckfest, Golf With Your Friends, Elden Ring, Vampire Survivors, The Ascent, God Of War, and Tell Me Why.
We finish the show with our listener comments, and you can send us yours by email to lastsavelaoded@gmail.com, or by tweeting @lastsaveloaded, @MultiPlatMan, or @Onyersix.

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