S4P1 - Daniel Nardicio Edition

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In this season opener pigisode, we sit down with Daniel Nardicio, the original promoter of underwear parties. He shares with us how the underwear party was created, hosting at Ice Palace on Fire Island, his tactics to get guys to his parties, how much promoting has changed throughout the years. He also talks about the various projects he has done other years with nightlife personalities like Lady Bunny, Bianca Del Rio, Bob The Drag Queen and more.

Later on the podcast, he shares one of the things he is proud of and that is his place in Cherry Grove's Big Dick Halfway Inn on Fire Island and the other is Club Cummings. Not to mention his naked parties Mr Nude York in the City, Spartacus on Fire Island and Mr Nude Orleans in New Orleans. His non-sexual creative projects with Dina Martin, Margaret Cho, Amber Martin at Bette, Bathhouse and Beyond.

Brian fan girls out on how Daniel inspired him and with getting into the nightlife industry. We also cover the issues of have an exclusive gay space, politically correct in communication, and how working in bars changes your perspective in going out to other bars.

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