S4P4 - Gay Toxic Behavior, USA Gays Vs City Gays, Gay Male Privilege, Chris Evans' dick pic

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In this pigisode, Rick (@rickeasleynyc) and Brian (@Brian_thickbear) pick up the conversation where they left off from the last pigisode where we they discuss the gay cultural differences between gays living in a gay city and gays living in a USA (basic) city. In addition Brian highlights things straight men say to gays in basic city that straight men in gay cities wouldn't say to gay men.

Rick talks about how the culture of gay hookup apps has went from hooking up to gay bashing, public shaming and humiliation. A new crop of gay men use the apps to poke fun of the community for their own personal comedic banter.

They wrap up the show with a flashback to an incident that set the gay twitter ablaze - Chris Evan's accidental dick pic.

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