S4P8 - Sniffies, Gay Streaming,Too Hot for Here TV, Underground w/ Charlie Harding, & Gay Culture Wars

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In this pigisode, Rick helps Brian find new Gay Streaming Channels on his Smart TV. Rick gives a brief explanation of how Smart TVs work and how to find queer/gay channels. The boys discuss Sniffies, a gay cruising site NOT a cruising app, and the benefits of gay cruising site versus a cruising app.

Rick talks about Too Hot for Here TV gay porn, an added bonus to subscribing to Here TV on their adult site, Menflix, and how you can enjoy gay erotic films and porn short films. Another show on Here TV, Underground w/ Charlie Harding. A gay cruising show where the host tours to gay cities and goes to the gay shops, bars, restaurants, and cruising spots in various cities.

Brian explains low and high tea and how they differ. The boys debate Gay Culture War from gay heteros wanting other gays to conform to THE STRAIGHTS and how important for our culture that we set ourselves apart. They also debate the future after everyone gets the vaccination and when that will happen.



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