S5P2 - Locktober, Are Men Over Grindr/Scruff? Hanky Code, Halloween Parties

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In this pigisode, Rick and Brian talk about the new website. Rick talks about the upcoming Halloween parties. Brian discuss Locktober, what it means and how it relates to chastity cages. Speaking of parties, Brian shares that there's a tribute to Nashom Wooden from The Cock coming this Friday (10/8). They switched the subject to Hanky Codes and Rick explains how the hanky code was used in an episode of American Rust and how Hanky Codes are hookup profiles IRL. Brian goes more in-depth with how Hanky Codes.

Brian talks about cruising in public for example, The Rambles, and how we are seeing a new generation of men who are seeing the rewards of cruising in public. Brian explains that men in Fort Lauderdale don't use Grindr/Scruff and prefer to go out in order to save time. Which begs the question, Are Men over Grindr/Scruff?

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