A Full Time Comedian and A Full Time Missionary

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Mike G. Williams has brought laughter to the stage along with the most memorable names in the Christian music industry, written comedy for some of the biggest names on comedy television, won a Gospel Music Association Dove award, Bananas show received a Daytime Emmy Award, is played daily on SiriusXM, recorded eighteen audio/video projects, and written fifteen books while flying over 4 million miles on Delta and American airlines.

He and his wife of 34 years co-authored a marriage book entitled Men Moved To Mars When Women Started Killing The Ones On Venusand numerous others. His four children are a constant source of material for him. Along the comedy journey, he and his family took a few years off to start a mission (CupsMission.com) that still thrives today, serving trafficked children and feeding poor people living in a garbage dump.

"Over thirty-three years of marriage and Mike still makes me laugh. He is the most spontaneously creative individual I have ever known. He has been a wonderful husband and father to our four children. He possesses an amazing ability to captivate the attention of any audience with his humor and then with his heart. I have watched Mike in both the largest and the smallest churches in the country and I can assure you he will give each one his best from a heart that is truly committed to following in the steps of Christ." -Mrs. Terica Williams, Mike's Wife

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