368: Protecting Our Oceans with Lilly Woodbury

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Lilly Woodbury is the Regional Coordinator and official Spokesperson for Surfrider Canada and Chapter Manager for the Surfrider Pacific Rim Chapter. She concentrates on designing and implementing campaigns that eliminate single-use plastics and support a shift to a circular economy.

For five years, Lilly has been working with Surfrider Foundation to engage a diversity of stakeholders in adopting initiatives for coastal and oceanic protection and stewardship. Lilly has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto and won Starfish Canada’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 in June 2018.

Lilly is has appeared on GlobalBC, CTV, CBC, and numerous other broadcast news stations to weigh in on policy-driven solutions around plastic pollution for ocean conservation.

What We Discuss with Lilly Woodbury in this Episode

  • The mission of Surfrider Foundation
  • The issues around ocean protection and plastic pollution
  • Solutions to eradicate plastic pollution and its impact
  • What is a circular economy
  • Barriers to implementing environmental solutions
  • The problem with incinerator plants

Episode Show Notes: https://tinyurl.com/2lgoka2m

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