369: Transforming How Companies Engage Former Employees with James Sinclair

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James Sinclair is the Chief Executive and Co-Founder of EnterpriseAlumni, the market leading Alumni and Retiree Engagement Platform. Their software powers the corporate alumni networks of the world’s largest companies, leveraging this vast untapped pool of people for talent, sales, marketing and community. He has a background in large enterprise innovation, having worked for companies including IBM, SAP & EDS. Outside of his day job, James contributes to media on the future of work, large enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Enterprise Alumni Talent Management platform enables organizations to access a qualified pool of former employees ready to return, reducing time-to-fill, increasing time-to-productivity and delivering a 6x boost to organizations recruiting ROI.

What We Discuss with James Sinclair in This Episode

  • How he came up with the concept for an employee alumni platform
  • Establishing a precedent beginning at the interview
  • A different take on employee loyalty
  • The value of empathy and mentorship within organizations
  • Facilitating value-based relationships with former employees

Transcript Highlights: https://tinyurl.com/3sp377cb

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