395: Stop Drifting and Pivot to Positive with David Ibarra

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Listen as David Ibarra shares his journey from the foster care system to becoming a successful business leader, philanthropist and the largest licensee of Napoleon Hill seminars in the world.

Author of “Stop Drifting: Become the Switch Master of Your Own Thought and Pivot to Positive,” David R. Ibarra is a leadership consultant and successful entrepreneur in Salt Lake City.

At 28 years old he started his first business, beginning a career that spans the restaurant, automotive, and leadership consulting industries. David wrote “Stop Drifting” as a chapter within his “Life Purpose” journey. He is dedicated to working with employed adults who often drift through life unsatisfied. His leadership coaching focuses on developing talent and teaching individuals how to become goal setters and achieve a positive work experience, which creates the freedom to find success in other roles including family, faith, community, and health.

What We Discuss with David Ibarra in This Episode

  • His journey from the foster care system to business success
  • Seeding your subconscious mind
  • The 3-part brain model
  • The blessing of time and money tithing
  • Respecting your talent group
  • Overcoming Dr. Doubt
  • Living on purpose

Episode Show Notes: https://tinyurl.com/4jnc47yj

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