Beth Kotarba | COO of Native Roots Cannabis Company

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In this episode, join Beth Kotarba and Susie Tomenchok as they discuss the importance of self-promotion, especially for women, in order to advance in one's career and the importance of being your own advocate. Beth also shares her journey through shifting careers and learning how to be a leader in an unfamiliar environment.

A look at what we discuss:

[00:01:14] Meet Beth Kotarba, COO
[00:03:15] Her 30-year journey to a leveraged career
[00:06:05] Reaping the benefits of a consulting career in the cannabis industry
[00:08:20] I never dreamed of being a COO one day
[00:10:45] Don't be afraid to ask for what you want
[00:15:40] How to keep your network alive
[00:20:30] Be aware of what you bring to the table
[00:21:15] Identify the people that will help you get there
[00:25:00] Trust the people that work for you
[00:29:50] Using leverage in a way that had a positive outcome
Connect with Beth

Connect with Susie:
If you’re ready to continue your professional growth, commit to accelerating your career development, and say goodbye to that anxious feeling in your stomach anytime you ask for what you want to practice negotiation, then get my book The Art of Everyday Negotiation without Manipulation.

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