Leadership Conversation - Episode 190 with Conor Mcgowan

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Name: Conor Mcgowan

Current title : CEO

Current organisation: Fireminds

Conor is a proven leader who is passionate about driving meaningful change by building real relationships and high-performing teams, and aligning technology with human capital. Conor started his career in his native Ireland, now based in Miami with experience living and working across the Caribbean, Europe, and Canada.

In his current position as CEO at Fireminds, Conor leads a multinational organization that specializes in Telecoms and IT Managed Services across multiple territories and channels in the USA, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Outside of his professional career in tech, Conor owns and operates Galoras Operations LLC, a company purpose-built for passion / enhanced lifestyle projects related to business coaching and investment strategies. Conor has represented the Bermuda international rugby team and remains very involved in the Rugby community and other sports agencies.

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