Leadership Conversation - Episode 194 with Edward Amey

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Name: Edward Amey

Current title: CEO

Current organisation: Jay Nolan Community Services

I have a passion to help improve our community, and a grateful heart for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This combination has produced in me a deep desire to serve others, as God has equipped me, to lead organizations that ensure every member of our community has the opportunity to thrive and live a life of purpose. Throughout my career, I have worked with children, teens, individuals, and families in various walks of life; as a coach, crisis counselor, social worker, therapist, teacher, adoption services Supervisor and Program Director, as the Executive Director of The Concordia Schools - Los Angeles, as the Managing Director for The Institute for the Redesign of Learning, and now as the CEO of Jay Nolan Community Services.

Having been in executive leadership roles for over 14 years; I believe one of the fundamental ways to strengthen our community is through purposeful efforts to build inclusion. By providing safe and diverse venues in which to grow and learn, we can send forth leaders into the community who are living examples of compassion in action. The upcoming generations are the global thought leaders and change agents of tomorrow, and I want to support them to be moral, courageous, articulate, and loving in a world that so desperately needs such leadership.

Also, as a Commissioned Lutheran Minister, I also feel blessed to be able to provide church and chapel messages, Christian motivational and encouraging speaker presentations, and guest lectures in Theology and Psychology. I am also a nonprofit leadership coach and consultant, ready and willing to help the leaders in our community to drive lasting positive change and grow personally in the process.

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