48 | How to Leverage Photos to Up Level Your Brand with Lindsay Sullivan

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When it comes to getting your picture taken, how do you feel? For a lot of people it can feel uncomfortable. To that Lindsay Sullivan, Founder of The Small Business Photographer, says, you just haven’t found the right photographer. You don’t need to lose 5 pounds, you don’t need to push your photo session off until “later,” you just need to find the person who understands you and your brand.

The truth is, photography (when done right) can play a large role in connecting you to your ideal customer. Do you look comfortable? Do your photos give a true impression of what you offer your clients? Do the photos you have align with your brand aesthetics? When done correctly, a brand photography session can put you in front of your ideal customer and save you time.

In Episode 48 of The Lean Out Your Business Podcast, Host, Crista Grasso and Lindsay discuss:

2:00 what you need to consider when planning your branding photography session

6:22 how to leverage your photos in your marketing

7:38 how to strategically use your photos in social media

10:15 why you need to know what’s coming next for your business before you go into your next branding photography session

16:30 one thing to look for when choosing your photographer

17:39 the common struggles that prevent entrepreneurs from getting their photos taken

18:43 whether or not it’s true that the camera adds 10lbs

26:30 tips to follow before your next branding photography session

Want more tips? Visit Lindsay at thesmallbusinessphotographer.com or follow her on Instagram @thesmallbusinessphotographer

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