Having Patience in Times of Trials - Ustadh Abdul Hakeem Mitchell

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Patience is a means of attaining good in this life and the Hereafter. Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah) mentioned that Patience is upon 3 affairs. - Patience upon the obedience of Allah - Patience in staying away from disobedience - Servant patience upon calamities Benefits from the speech of Shaykhul Islaam ibn Taymiyyah on affairs that aid the servant in remaining patient. A lot of the affairs he refers to are in relation to pardoning one another and forgiving one another because from the hardest means of being patient is being patient with the creation. The soul leans towards seeking vengeance and by way of this its important that the person remains patient with the harms of the person and he does not go beyond bounds in seeking vengeance. Summary of Benefits: - Nothing occurs except that Allah has willed it – this aids a person in protecting them from depression and anxiety. - How to recognise if a difficult affair is a blessing or a calamity for you. - Virtue of forgiving and pardoning the harms of others as mentioned in the Quran. - Pardoning and having good relations with others brings about goodness and peace within the hearts and brings an increase in benefit, much more than would be achieved by seeking vengeance. - The one who is patient and pardons and does not seek vengeance for himself, this increases the person in honour, due to his forgiving and pardoning. If a person pardons, he will increase in humility inwardly and outwardly will increase in honour – and Allah Knows best. - When a person pardons the people, then Allah will pardon him because the reward/recompense is based upon the form of the action itself – Shaykhul Islam said, this benefit alone is sufficient for a person to forgive and pardon others. - Being focused on vengeance causes his heart to be preoccupied with vengeance and causes a loss and waste of time, causing more harm than the calamity itself. - The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa salam) NEVER sought vengeance for himself, whilst we know he was harmed severely due to his religion and he is the example for us to follow. Please listen to the full lecture for further benefits

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