Episode 100 - How to use passive forms (Passive sentence of "Part of a human body or personal possessions")

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◆Passive sentence of "Part of a human body or personal possessions"◆

When you express about a part of a human body, the subject of the passive sentence is わたし. For example, 彼(かれ)は私(わたし)の足(あし)を踏(ふ)みました. In this case, the subject of the passive sentence is not 私(わたし)の足(あし) but it i s私(わたし) .

彼(かれ)は私(わたし)の足(あし)を踏(ふ)みました He stepped on my foot


My foot was stepped on by him

ドアは私(わたし)の手(て)をはさみました。The door pinched my hand.

私(わたし)はドアに手(て)をはさまれました。My hand was caught in the door.

お父(とう)さんは弟(おとうと)の頭(あたま)をたたきました。Dad hit my younger brother's head.

弟(おとうと)はお父(とう)さんに頭(あたま)をたたかれました。My brother was hit by his father.

Besides the parts of the human body (ex. Feet, hands), the same thing goes with personal possessions such as "my watch".

子供(こども)は私(わたし)のカメラをこわしました My child broke the camera


My camera was broken by my child


The theif stold my wallet.


My wallet was stolen by the theif.

犬(いぬ)は靴(くつ)を持(も)っていきました。The dog brought my shoes with him.

私(わたし)は犬(いぬ)に靴(くつ)を持(も)っていかれました。I had my dog bring my shoes.

◆Question sentence◆

誰(だれ)に足(あし)を踏(ふ)まれましたか?Who stepped on your foot?

誰(だれ)に財布(さいふ)を盗(ぬす)まれましたか?Who has stolen the wallet?

◆Passive form of "agemasu"◆

There is no passive form of agemasu (to give). Instead, moraimasu is used.





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