Episode 109 - How to use "chatta/chau" and "jyatta/jyau" (completion of an action, feeling of regret)

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(1) It expresses completion of an action, emphasizing that the action in continuation has completed.

(2) It expresses feeling of regret, or the feeling that "I am in trouble/regretting".

This is the more casual version, which instead uses a verb’s stem form:

ちゃう/ちゃいます = to do by accident / to finish (casual)

ちゃった/ちゃいました = did by accident / finished (casual)

If the verb’s dictionary form ends with ぶ (bu) , む (mu) , ぬ (nu) or ぐ (gu), it becomes じゃう (jau) or じゃった (jatta).

じゃう・じゃいます = to do by accident / to finish (casual)

じゃった ・じゃいました= did by accident / finished (casual)


I lost my passport.


The clock has been broken.


My brother ate the cake.


I left in a hurry so I forgot my wallet.


Sorry, I drank all the juice!


Yesterday, my cat died.


I will finish my homework by tomorrow.


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