Episode 70 - How to make "Conditional Form" (ta form + ra)

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〜たら is a conjugation pattern which expresses a causal relationship. The action or state expressed by the sentence which precedes 〜たら is the condition of the event or situation expressed by the rest of the sentence.

Depending on the context, it is interpreted differently—as time sequences like "when" and "after," or conditions like "if."

Verb 食べます → 食べた + ら = 食べたら

Noun 夏です → 夏だった + ら = 夏だったら

な-adjective 静かです → 静かだった + ら = 静かだったら

い-adjective 難しいです → 難しかった + ら = 難しかったら

もし あめ がふったら ほん を よみます

Moshi Ame Ga Futtara Hon Wo Yomimasu

If it rains I will read a book

We start with MOSHI to emphasise the conditional at the beginning of the sentence .

We then explain the condition which is “If it rains” あめがふったら

ふる here has been changed to the past form verb ふった and then ら has been added to the end.


moshi nihon ni ittara nihongo o benkyou shimasu

If I go to Japan, I will learn Japanese

The condition here implies that IF the speaker goes to Japan they will study Japanese


ko-to wo kitara, samukuarimasen

If i wear a coat, I will not be cold.

This condition here is “wearing a coat”. If that condition is met the speaker will no longer be cold.


yasukattara, pasokon o kaitai desu.

If it's cheap, I'd like to buy a computer.


hima dattara, tetsudatte kudasai.

If you're free, please help me out.

Verb 食べません → 食べなかった + ら = 食べなかったら

Noun 夏ではありません → 夏ではなかった + ら = 夏ではなかったら

な-adjective 静かではありません → 静かではなかった + ら = 静かではなかったら

い-adjective 難しくないです → 難しくなかった + ら = 難しくなかったら


ame dewa nakattara umi ni ikimasu

If it will not rain, I will go to the beach


omoshirokunakattara, ano eiga wa mimasen

If it is not interesting, I will not watch that movie


jikan ga nakattara, terebi o mimasen.

If I had no time, I wouldn't watch any TV.


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