Episode 76 - Conditional form nara (how to say if, when)

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Conditional form なら

The function is to respond to someone in a given context. Regarding the other conditional words, you can set a context by yourself. However, you can use …なら only when given a context.

Tanaka-san ga iku nara, watashi mo ikimasu

With the above example, Tanaka-san first said “I will go to the drinking session,” and then you respond to it like “If you said so…” and “if that is the case…” The conjugation is just to attach なら to the plain (dictionary) form or the ta-form, which is the only one case that you can attach conditional words to the two forms. Note: You don’t attach だ when you use nouns and na-adjectives.

食べます ➝ 食べるなら ➝ taberu nara➝ if you eat

食べません ➝ 食べないなら ➝ tabenai nara➝ if you don't eat

食べました ➝ 食べたなら ➝ tabeta nara➝ if you ate

食べませんでした ➝ 食べなかったなら ➝ tabenakatta nara ➝ if you didn't eat

高い ➝ 高いなら takai ➝ takainara expensive ➝ if it’s expensive

寒い ➝ 寒いなら samui ➝ samuinara cold ➝ If it’s cold

いい ➝ いいなら ii ➝ iinara good ➝ If it’s good

便利 ➝ 便利なら benri ➝ benrinara convenient ➝ If it’s convenient

有名 ➝ 有名なら yuumei ➝ yuumeinara famous ➝ If it’s famous

安全 ➝ 安全なら anzen ➝ anzennara safe ➝ If it’s safe


nihongo o hanasu koto ga dekiru hito ga imasu ka?

Is there a person who can speak Japanese?


nihongo nara tomu san ga hanasu koto ga dekimasu yo!

If [you’re talking about] Japanese, Tom can speak [it].


nihongo no hon o yomitai desu

[I] want to read Japanese book.


yomitai nara watashi no o kashimashou ka?

If [you] want to read, shall [I] lend mine?


watashi wa kaimono ni ikimasu.

I will go for a shopping.


kaimono nara tamago o katte kudasai.

Please buy eggs if [you go] shopping.


nihon no ryouri o takusan tsukurimashita.

[I’ve] made a lot of Japanese cuisines.


takusan tsukutta nara watashi ni kudasai.

If [you’ve] made a lot, please give me [some], too.


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