Episode 88 - How to mention some representative actionsout of many (ta ri, ta ri + shimasu)

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Verb +た form+ り

Verb +なかった+ り

いAdjective +た form+ り

いAdjective +なかった+ り

なAdjective +だった+ り

なAdjective +ではなかった+ り

1. It is used to mention some representative (actions or situations) out of many. Usually two actions or situations are mentioned in parallel, but there are cases in which three or only one are mentioned.


On Sundays, I clean and cook etc.


I watch movie, go shopping, eat food etc. at Ginza.


On my days off, I play games etc. at home.

2. It is used when two opposite meanings are used. It indicates that the actions or situations repeat alternately many times. As opposite things repeat, it also indicates that the situation is not stable.


That person keeps on going and coming here.


On Sundays, sometimes I'm free and sometimes I'm busy.


The electricity keeps on turning on and off.


These days, sometimes the weatheris good and sometimes bad.


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