Episode 91 - How to say "because" (" te form" for expression of causes and reasons)

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Verb てform / Verb なくて

いadjective くて/ いadjective なくて

1.) The former and the latter clauses have the time relation. Ex) the former occurs first and then the latter.


I'm glad to meet you all.


I read the letter and was relieved.


It was so cold this morning that I couldn't get up.


The bus didn't come and I was late for school.


I can't go anywhere because I don't have time.


I'm lonely because I didn't receive a letter.

2.) If the latter clause does not involve any action, it can be used.

When the latter clause expresses some actions and the time relation of the two clauses is not clear or the action of the latter clause occurs before the former clause, only から can be used.



3.) If the latter clause includes the forms which show the speaker's volition , only から can be used. (しろ、するな、してください、したいです、しましょうetc.)



There will be a test tomorrow, so study!


Don't touch it because it's dangerous!


I don't have time, so please hurry.


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