Episode 95 - How to say "In order to/..so that.." (dictionary form+ "youni" , nai form+ "youni", potential form+ "youni")

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Verb (dictionary form) ように

Verb (ない form) ように

Potential form ように

In order to/..so that../..to be able to…

This particular grammar point expresses aims by describing what you or the speaker will do in order for your aim or goal to happen. To construct a sentence using this premise, we would need to follow a simple sentence pattern that can be found below.

食べます (tabemasu: to eat) → 食べるように (taberu you ni: in order to eat)

乗ります (norimasu: to ride) → 乗るように (noru you ni: so that you ride)

来ます (kimasu: to come) → 来るように (kuru you ni: in order to come)

食べます (tabemasu: to eat) → 食べないように (taberu you ni: in order not to eat)

乗ります (norimasu: to ride) → 乗らないように (noru you ni: so that you don't ride)

来ます (kimasu: to come) → 来ないように (kuru you ni: in order not to come)


Kanojo wa yaseru you ni mainichi undou shimasu.

She exercises everyday so that she loses weight.


Shihatsu densha ni maniau you ni hayaku ie o demashita.

I left the house early in order to catch the first train.


I will be careful not to make a mistake.


I will make a note so that I do not forget the story of the teacher.


I drink coffee so that I don't sleep during work.

飲みます(nomimasu: to drink) → 飲めるように (nomeru you ni: to be able to drink)

読みます (yomimasu: to read) → 読めるように (yomeru you ni: to be able to read)

見ます (mimasu: to look/watch) → 見えるように (mieru you ni: to be able to look/watch)


I practice every day so that I can swim quickly.


I will sit in front so that I can see it well.

晩御飯(ばんごはん)をたくさん食(た)べられるように、朝(あさ)から何(なに)も食(た)べていません。I haven't eaten anything since the morning so that I can eat a lot of dinner.


Hayaku kaereru you ni majime hatarakimasu.

I will work hard so that I can go home early today.


mina san ni kikoeru youni motto ookina koe de hanashite kudasai.

Please speak with a louder voice so everyone can hear.


daigaku ni goukaku dekiru youni isshoukenmei benkyou shiteimasu.

I'm studying my absolute hardest so that I can be accepted to university.


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