Episode 98 - How to express change in ability or possibility and habitual action (dictionary form+ "you ni narimasu" , nai form+ "you ni narimasu")

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By combining ように (you ni) with なる (naru), you can express the change of state of situation.

◆Verb Potential form + ようになります◆

It means "came to be able to". It illustrates that the situation of being unable to do something changes to that of being able to do it.

Meaning: change in ability or possibility.


tabako ga sueru you ni narimashita

Let's say that in your country you are not allowed to smoke until you are 18 years old. This example shows the change in possibility was occurred.


nihongo no uta ga utaeru you ni narimashita

I couldn't sing Japanese song in the past. I can sing now.


kanji ga kakeru you ni narimashita

I couldn't write kanji in the past. I can write now.


nihongo ga hanaseru youni narimashita.

I have become able to speak Japanese.


hatachi ni nattanode, osake ga nomeruyouni narimashita

I have become able to drink alcohol because I became 20 years old.


takusan renshuu shitara, oyogeru youni narimasu

I will become able to swim if I practice a lot.

◆Dic form + ようになります◆

◆ない form + ようになります◆

It illustrates that a new habit has been acquired or repetition of a new action has become apparent.

Meaning: change in habitual action.


tabako wo suu you ni narimashita

たばこを吸う (tabako wo suu) is the present state where you smoke now. It also means that in the past you didn't smoke.

So from this sentence you can conclude two things: You didn't smoke in the past, but you smoke now.


shinbun wo yomu you ni narimashita

I didn't read newspaper in the past. I read newspaper now.


kyonen kara mainichi jimu e ikuyouni narimashita.

I go to gym every day since last year.


kare wa yoku kaisha o yasumi youni narimashita.

He has often being absent from work.


obachan wa oshi o totta node, soto e ikanai youni narimashita.

My grandmother does not go outside because she became old.


watashi wa kyonen kara niku o tabenai youni narimashita.

I don't eat meat since last year.


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