Episode 141: How to Incorporate Foods - Food Pairings

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Ever want a deeper look into fiber? We’ve got one. This week, we’re joined by Dr. Jessica Maloh as she walks us through the role of fiber in nutrition, the differences between animal and plant fibers, and how to pair foods to optimize their nutritional benefits. Each Thursday, join Dr. Raja and Dr. Hadar, board-certified dermatologists, as they share the latest evidence-based research in integrative dermatology. For access to CE/CME courses, become a member at LearnSkin.com. Jessica Maloh, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor. Her passion for integrative medicine and research led her to a postdoctoral position in clinical research at UC Davis Department of Dermatology and now to lead clinical trials as a sub-investigator at Integrative Skin Science and Research. Her research interests and clinical practice focus on the role of nutrition, the microbiome, mindfulness, and quality of life in various dermatological conditions.

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