30. Leschat About Boundaries

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Leschat about setting boundaries and what makes setting boundaries so difficult? Jojo & Dayra go over examples of how they've had to set boundaries in the past with partners, family, friends, the workplace, etc..

We’ve all been in situations where we find it difficult to set boundaries with a friend because we’re worried about coming off rude or offensive. Dayra is the queen of boundaries!

Setting boundaries is about taking care of your own needs. Setting boundaries might mean you might lose people, most people don't like boundaries because they like having power, give that power back to yourself instead.. Setting boundaries is a form of self respect and you deserve to be respected.

Family Meeting Questions

1. "I have a girlfriend who was in an open relationship with her boyfriend. They broke up and now it’s just us, she lied & ...."

2. "My fiance's family is super catholic and they don’t know she’s gay..."

3. "Is it always this emotional being with a woman? If so, Idk if I want this anymore"

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