EP 271: ADHD and Your Attachment Style Part 2

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Did Monday’s episode leave you with a ton of questions?!

Inside of today’s episode I do my best to answer:

  • What does ADHD / Attachment dysregulation look like in relationships?
  • What are some simple things for learning how to regulate emotions?
  • The impact on impulsivity on relationships (ADHD/ Attachment Overlap)

Aaaaaand More!

This episode is going to be important for those of you who are ready to make some changes to your relationships.

I hope you take the emotional regulation tools and apply them to your life ASAP!

They may seem simple but they are powerful tools.

If you need some additional support in your healing journey- you know I’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to get off the dating rollercoaster and become the securely attached version of you; I want to invite you to apply to the E.S.L. program today.

The time is NOW to intentionally invest in your healing.

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