The Gastroenteritis Blues: (70) Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer on Bradley Beal and Ben Simmons; Daniel Olinger Previews The Draft for the Sixers

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On today’s episode of The Gastroenteritis Blues, it’s a big one. Two guests join the podcast. First, Bleacher Report’s (and formerly Liberty Ballers’) Jake Fischer joins Dan and Steve to discuss his report from over the weekend that Bradley Beal is considering requesting a trade this week, and that the Sixers could be on Beal’s list of preferred destinations. In addition to shedding light on Beal’s situation, Jake shares tremendous insight on Ben Simmons’ situation with the Sixers, including one substantial piece of reporting you can hear nowhere other than The Gastroenteritis Blues (more on that later *eyeballs emoji*).

Then, Steve, Dan and Emily are joined by Liberty Ballers’ Daniel Olinger of The Talking About Podcast and the Sixers Draft podcast. Daniel first discusses the state of the Sixers/Simmons situation, the Bucks’ NBA title as it relates to Philly, and the Sixers-specific takeaways from Sunday’s ESPN special from Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe.

Then, Daniel gets to the real meat of his appearance: previewing Thursday’s NBA Draft for the Sixers. Hear his thoughts on the draft overall, in addition to specific thoughts on Jared Butler, Tre Mann, Cam Thomas, Kessler Edwards and more!


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