Episode 105: Aegon UK's pathway to reducing carbon emissions

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With climate change a top priority for organisations and governments around the world, LIBF is bringing together key players in the finance sector to highlight organisations and activities that are making a real difference as part of our Sustainable Finance in Action project.

In this episode, John Somerville, LIBF, talks to Tim Orton and Hilkka Komulainen from Aegon UK. They discuss how the company has a significant role to play in the transition to a lower-carbon world. Default funds, and their journey to net-zero, are a big part of this.

As part of this project, many of these key players have produced films to show how they’re playing their part. Watch Aegon UK's film here https://bit.ly/3tNKywE and all of the films on our YouTube channel.

For more information on our Sustainable Finance in Action project go to our website and follow us on our social channels on Twitter and Linkedin.

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