A Grave Situation Part 3 Episode 27

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Enjoy the third and final part in our cemetery series with St. Peter’s, St. Stephen’s and Tyrconnell cemeteries. If you would enjoy a similar podcast of the remaining Dutton-Dunwich or any of the West Elgin Cemeteries we are accepting volunteers such as yourselves to put together the research and brochures for future podcasts. Research and photographs were compiled by volunteers and can be found on the Municipal Website. The Link is in the podcast show notes along with a map to get to the cemeteries. I suggest you download the brochures to your phone or print them off and take a walk around the cemeteries using the podcast as an audio guide, pausing where needed to get to the next marker. Make it a family outing.

Show notes- https://backuspagehouse.ca/?p=3035

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