The Three Golden Hairs, Grimm tale 29!

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I tell a variation of the "Three Golden Hairs", an Austrian variant which I love. But there is something I really like about Grimm's tale 29, too. As I say on this podcast, there is some debate about the devil in Grimm's version. Some folks, myself included, tend to think the character portrayed as the devil is more ogre than devil. So in this retelling, he is, as is his wife, an ogre with golden hairs upon his chinny, chin, chin!

It's not too scary, and a little bit of fun in places!

If you have not heard me tell the other story, it is called The Three Feathers and is on my first album, Second-hand Tales.

Copyright and performance rights apply to this retelling.

I hope you enjoy this 32 minute episode.


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