S04E18 - Lucky

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This week Mark and Allen break down the first Episode where Andy is clean shaven, which is also the one and only episode written by Nick Offerman! Leslie is preparing for an interview with famous morning show host Buddy Wood, whose interviews tend to be the lucky charm that gets candidates elected. When Buddy cancels to cover a breaking story, Ben is upset and buries himself in campaign busy work, while Leslie, Tom, and Ann decide to blow off some steam at a bar, where they get drunk. Ben calls Leslie and tells her the interview is back on if she can quickly get to the Pawnee Municipal Airport. A still somewhat drunk Leslie makes her way there and meets Buddy. Unfortunately, things do not go well. Buddy is disgusted by Pawnee, is very condescending in the interview, and ends up pressing Leslie on the "affair" between her and Ben. Meanwhile, with the help of April and Ron, Andy prepares for, and then passes, his final exam in women's studies, earning a grade of "P". When Ron suggests they go out for a celebration dinner, Andy invites the women's studies Professor, Linda Lonegan, to join them. At the restaurant, April spots Chris eating alone, and invites him to join them. Chris accepts, and ends up having a lot in common with Linda, seeming to hit it off. As always, we tackle the tough questions, such as ... Does Leslie successfully hide her inebriation from Buddy Wood? Will Chris and Linda end up being an item? How many steaks does Ron end up ordering? Why does Donna call off her plans to stay with Jerry and stuff envelopes? Will Buddy end up airing the disastrous interview? Can Tom somehow help out with the infamous hot-tub-limo? What are the pros and cons of a super-baby? Can Ann and Tom break their record of how long they can go without breaking up? Loyal podcast viewers, tune in to see how Leslie deals with Buddy Wood - he is a complete jerk sandwich. Many thanks to our amazing sponsor, Scully's Bar and Grill.

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