#168 Why Bulk Shopping isn't All That w Megean of Zero Waste Nerd

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Bulk bin shopping is practically the symbol for the zero waste world, right? Well today Megean Weldon, aka Zero Waste Nerd, and I are spilling some truth on the bins. We're talking about not having an easy go at cooking at home, and how to ease in, a minimalist perspective to zero waste, and DIYs as not a solution to making waste. Plus, bread makers! Find Megean- Zero Waste Nerd: https://www.instagram.com/zerowastenerd/ https://zerowastenerd.com/ Mentioned on the Show: ➜Megean on Martha Stewart: http://bit.ly/2NygIag ➜Sharewaste.com for composting: https://sharewaste.com/ ➜Ep #140 Composting 101: bit.ly/31Plioe ➜Megean's Pinterest: http://bit.ly/2ZuejPY ➜7 ways to reduce packaging w/o bulk: http://bit.ly/2PfDeqG ▶ Instagram: www.instagram.com/liveplanted/ Find a complete list of everything MENTIONED on the show: http://liveplanted.com/?p=3077 LP MERCH: www.etsy.com/shop/LivePlanted?r?=l2-shop-info-name ✮Write a review & subscribe in iTunes (preferably a 5✮!) The more reviews, the greater chance someone else will hear the podcast. Or share the podcast with a friend.

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