(Ep48A) Your Divinely Sent Book Whisperer, PeggyLee Hanson: From the Corporate world to Entrepreneurship-- For anyone who has ever said, "I should write a book!" How your history can heal others

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PeggyLee Hanson “Your Divinely Sent Book Whisperer” Book-Writing Coach, Mentor & Publishing Expert 1. Transitioning from the Corporate world to Entrepreneurship 2. Writing & Publishing 3. Getting your book written and published 4. Book publishing Success Story Multi-Time International Bestseller, Publisher & Speaker, PeggyLee Hanson, “Your Divinely Sent Book Whisperer” is a book-writing and publishing expert. She shows individuals how to easily, effortless, and efficiently write a book using templates and guides. With 30+ years’ experience, certifications in business ghostwriting and coaching, along with her commitment to leadership, PeggyLee has guided hundreds of both hesitant and experienced writers. These writers have fulfilled the dream—and nudges—of sharing their expertise through penning a book. Her first international speaking engagement shared the how-to’s, which initiated the following quip from Paul Dunn, Social Entrepreneur & 3x TEDx Speaker: “PeggyLee took an impossible speaking environment, turned it around, leaving a very satisfied audience.” PeggyLee encourages her audiences called to share their brilliance, message, or story, because “Someone is waiting to hear what you have to say.” Links schedule a meeting: https://BookWithPeggyLee.com / text or call: 651-398-6003 access your free gift: https://FreeChapterWritingGuide.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alexandra53/message

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