(Ep49V) Kathy Basel on Redefining the Prime of Our Lives... Divine feminine energy... Three Step Process of Letting Go of Our Roles, Identities & Mindsets

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Kathy is a transformational life coach, energy healer and creator of The Vitality Code. She works with women ready to break free from the fear and unworthiness keeping them stuck and unable to live fully into their next SOUL*FUL chapter.

She guides her clients to finally transmute core wounds and achieve QUANTUM LEAPS toward the life they truly desire -– lives filled with inner peace, love, vitality, connection, meaning and abundance in every regard. Her joy is watching people create beyond what they ever thought to be possible!

On a personal note... Kathy embodies vitality and living agelessly, with an active Colorado lifestyle mountain biking, hiking, camping, skiing and loving on her amazing wonder-dog Kiefer.

  • The new paradigm – divine feminine energy
  • Redefining the prime of our lives – becoming the modern elder wise woman
  • The first half of life is about accumulating. Second half is about becoming (activating our inner explorer archetype)
  • Three step process of letting go of our roles, identities & mindsetsName it
    Reframe it
    Become it

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